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Newsletter Archive: 2005
Microsoft Exposes Google AdSense Scheme
Mistyping a URL in the address bar of a browser can lead to a ring of traffic-stealing "typo-squatters" that ripoff the AdSense for domains system at the expense of Google and its advertisers.

When Doc Searls Blogged Jonathan Schwartz
Sun Microsystems president and COO Jonathan Schwartz and Linux Journal senior editor Doc Searls chatted at a morning Syndicate Conference session; it was a watershed moment in the ongoing discussion of blogging and business.

Web Optimization without Spending a Fortune?
All-Marketing.net provides effective and affordable marketing solutions for small businesses and large corporations alike. When it comes to marketing and driving traffic to your web site, let the professionals at All-Marketing take charge.

B2B Bullseye
The SES: Chicago conference rolls in through its second day and continues to be a real learning experience. WebProNews publisher Rich Ord sat in on the "Targeting B2B" session and found a lot of useful information. The session centered on relationship building as the primary focus for B2B marketing.

Earning From Search: Show Me The Money
Even though Jason Calacanis didn't show up for the Earning From Search & Contextual Ads session as scheduled, attendees made do with the likes of Google, Yahoo, the New York Times' About.com, AOL, and JenSense discussing the topic...

Measuring And Improving The Performance Of A Website
Traditional business managers and economic strategists have always had at their disposal a variety of methods for measuring and evaluating the degree of success of business objectives. For example, an increase in productivity, cost reduction initiatives, meeting certain sales goals, or the impact of an advertising...

The Power Of Marketing Podcasts
If you've used the Internet at all this year, you've probably heard of podcasting. It's the one word that's almost guaranteed to come up in discussions of small business marketing, and with good reason too: podcasting has become more and more popular...

No Internet Bubble?
Another Internet Bubble? Not according to John Battelle writing in The New York Times Friday. John believes that we are in a new era of internet opportunity ... a grounded, stable and vibrant opportunity ... called Web 2.0. He gives these four reasons...

Site Submission 101: Getting Listed Fast
In 48 hours or less (many times the same business day!), your site will begin to show up in many of the web's most important search engines and content sites including Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, Excite, InfoSpace, NBCi, C|Net and many others. No other service is able to match this claim.

7 Customer Acquisition Schemes Your Competitor Is Hiding From You
Customer Acquisition is beyond doubt the number one priority for all serious business owners.

Web Optimization without Spending a Fortune?
All-Marketing.net provides effective and affordable marketing solutions for small businesses and large corporations alike. When it comes to marketing and driving traffic to your web site, let the professionals at All-Marketing take charge.

Access Your PC Remotely With WebEx PCNow
Use WebEx PCNow free for 30 days and see how easy it is to stay connected to your information, your files, and your business.

Put a Post Office in your Office
With a built-in scale, mailstation™ digital postage meter makes mail processing faster and more efficient for your small business. It weighs your mail and calculates the exact postage needed with just one touch of a button.

What It Takes To Make It In The Volatile And Rapidly Advancing SEO Landscape
What's in a name? That's a good question. Some feel that the name that you are given at birth provides and accurate description of who you will turn out to be.

Reverse Engineering Google's Business Strategies
What's in a name? That's a good question. Some feel that the name that you are given at birth provides and accurate description of who you will turn out to be. So I began to wonder, does a domain name say as much about a future site as your... name says about you?

Deliver Instant On-Demand Remote Support
Deliver on demand remote support with InQuiero. NTR's InQuiero is the easiest, most secure, and affordable web-based remote support solution available today. You don't need to purchase or install any special hardware or software. With a web browser and an internet connection, you're ready to meet online today

Internet Marketing Strategy Is Working For SMB’s
According to the ISP Interland's Summer 2005 Small and Medium-sized Business Barometer, SMB's are getting a return from their Internet marketing strategy - company websites are providing valuable leads and sales.

The First True Alternative to Adobe Acrobat
Nitro PDF Professional gives you full control over PDF documents, including commenting, form-filling and authoring, digital signatures, text editing, one-click creation from Microsoft® Office and more. Nitro PDF Professional is the first true alternative to Adobe® Acrobat® for people who want to use PDF.

Ten Guidelines For B2B Podcasts
In my "Writing for the Wired World" workshops, I begin by pointing out a fundamental difference between business websites and everything else on the web. When you build a family site (birthday party pictures and the like) or a fan site (if you love your Mini Cooper, for instance) or a performance art site...

Combine Project Management with Help Desk Software
Intelligent Resource Management – Never before has one application centralized all of a team’s work. Find out how it can work for you

Software Project, Custom Development, No Cost Consultation
Pacific Northwest Software develops high-impact software for companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500's. They can provide a virtual development team to handle all levels of your software project.

Overstock Opening Storefront At Shop.Com
The folks at Shop.com are yelling about getting Overstock.com in their online shopping mall. Overstock is an online discount retailer that cuts prices, in some cases up to 70%.

B2B Portal: A Business Platform To Ultimate Productivity Improvement
If somebody tells you that your present corporate website can be converted to a B2B portal which will help you significantly improve your company's productivity in both of the two primary factors: Revenue Growth and Cost Saving, and that the portal can be launched in a matter of months with a very reasonable investment, what will be your reaction?

The Fight For Gmail
Who owns Gmail? According to Benjamin Cohen, nobody yet-well, one guy in Germany, but he doesn't count for much-and a British company is claiming the intellectual property rights to the Gmail trademark, even if the patent office hasn't awarded anyone that credit.

Truveo Unveils Video Search Engine
New approach to video search utilizes "visual crawling" to find video the same way a casual Web surfer would.

Nielsen/NetRatings Counting Things Differently
The Nielsen/NetRatings organization, long known and prized for its ratings systems announced a new way to track ratings and figuring in the folks who toss their cookies. They've been testing the method in the U.S. and using it in Australia and Italy.

Technorati Places Blog Finder Beta Online
A new version of the blog tracking site's search engine lets users sift through millions of blogs based on topic tags. The new Technorati Blog Finder has become available in a beta version. This site searches through blogs based by the tags used by Technorati to categorize blogs it has found.

Microsoft Targeting End-of-year For Skype Demise?
Making a PC-to-phone call from one's PC will be integrated into MSN Messenger by year's end.

Chirac Helps Fund New European Search Engine
Telegraph reported that French president Jacques Chirac has pledged to aid the funding of a new European Internet search engine to compete with Google and Yahoo.

In The News: Yahoo, AOL, And Google
The web analytics firm has unveiled a product that consolidates management of SEM across search engines. Bouncing between Google, Yahoo, and other search engines has meant multiple logins and consoles for site publishers. Every step offers some extra work on a marketing campaign. Coremetrics wants to turn that extra effort into extra productivity.

General Community Sites Hear Ka-ching Sound
The latest figures from Nielsen//NetRatings and its AdRelevance service show incredible ad revenue growth. News Corp's pickup of MySpace looks pretty prudent now, as it led general community web sites in racking up $33.5 million in ad revenue for June 2005. The press release shows the category grew year over year by 214 percent.

In The News: Yahoo, AOL, And Google
While Google News and its mechanistic approach to headlines has been very popular, it seems even more people prefer services from Yahoo and AOL.

Skype Takes Note Of Google Talk
After Google made its IM and voice application available, Skype announced it would let its products be integrated into software apps and web sites.

Arigato! Yahoo Japan Streaming Music For Free
Yahoo welcomes Apple to the digital music business in Japan by utilizing the time-tested "first one's free" marketing strategy. Yahoo Japan's Tokyo operations recently began offering full songs as free samples to its music visitors

Blogger Flags Hurtful Blogs
A new option that will let users immediately report "objectionable content" to Blogger works by clicking the Flag button. Aww, poor baby. There you were, clicking that "Next Blog" button, and a new blog appeared that just seemed to call you out on your hypocritical, disingenuous political beliefs. How dare someone be so, so, direct! But what can you do? Who can you call? And will a campaign contribution make the pain go away?

RSS: What's In A Name?
A bit of a kerfuffle has erupted over Microsoft's proposed name change to news feeds as handled by the upcoming IE7 web browser.

Google, GEICO Get 30 Days To Settle
A recent ruling in US District Court calls for the search engine and the insurance company to try and settle their AdWords battle.

Interview: Michael Rotkin President/CEO Universityloveconnection.com
I was interested in getting some feedback from a conference attendee's perspective and I ran into Michael Rotkin President/CEO of universityloveconnection.com and Hydroponicswholesale.com. Michael's take on the conference was interesting to me given the nature of his sites.

Link Buying - The Search Engines Respond
Google, Yahoo, and Ask have a much different take on link buying than do the SEMs. Chris Richardson of WebProNews sat in on this Q&A at SES 2005.

The ADD Factor Of Internet/TV Ads
Some say the Internet will soon overtake King TV as broadband access becomes more and more prolific. Indeed a recent Canadian study has suggested that the gap between time spent online per week and time spent watching television is closing rapidly. Some have gone to extremes saying that television is deep trouble and advertisers should make a dramatic shift in their ad budgets. But cooler heads and other reports might suggest that the two will walk hand in hand.

Search Engine Strategies Conference: Day 1
In wrapping up the first day of the SES Conference, I have for you a brief summary of all the articles that have been written so far. We have had lots of interesting information coming in from the conference, and hopefully no one has missed any of it. If that isn't the case don't worry, I've taken care of you.

Web Analytics: Getting It Right
In recent years, website marketers were concerned with increasing ‘hits' and the ‘stickiness' of their sites. They were concerned with increasing page views and the amount of time spent on the site. This is definitely a hold over from the paper based businesses of the past, and has proved to not be of much use in the fast moving internet world.

Websites Finding Unique and Valuable Revenue Sources
VIP Profits is the most innovative affiliate program serving award winning Sportsbooks. Superior tracking, XML, Live Stats & top marketing tools willmake your profits soar. Many affiliates see their commissions tripled, as more recreational bettors join in in the fun of betting on their favorite team.

RSS As A Change Agent
To better understand how RSS is changing the way companies and individuals deliver and consume content on the macro scale, let us first remember how content is traditionally delivered and consumed.

A New Business Postage Solution
Do you spend a lot of time boxing, labeling, carrying, shipping and insuring packages? Become more efficient by using Shipstream™ Manager and Scale, a one-stop postage solution for all your shipping needs. Shipstream Manager is fast and easy software that gets you up and running in less than five minutes.

Using Contextual Marketing To Increase Sales
Mention Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and two words come to mind - Volume and Exposure. Something every business needs to create a steady stream of income. Search Engine Marketing enables your business to reach thousands of potential customers for a lot less than traditional print media and direct mail marketing.

Google AdWords Login Function Down
What happens when one of the most popular new methods of advertising experiences site-related problems? Well, it doesn't take long for others to find out, that's for sure. Such is the case with the Google Adwords service, which apparently would not let people log on this afternoon.

It All Starts With A Click
Here's ten simple yet POWERFUL ideas on raising your "click thru" percentage.

A Business Model For Podcasting
I've finally started my own podcast, "Dan Bricklin's Software Licensing Podcast". It will be a series of interviews and perhaps other material that should be of interest to people who care about the legal and managerial aspects of software licensing in general, Open Source licenses in particular, and who knows what else.

A New Business Postage Solution
Office postage just got easier! Free up more of your time. Delegate your mailing needs to the sleek new mailstation™ digital postage meter. Take advantage of an introductory 90 day free trial and $50 in free postage coupons, redeemable after your trial period. Imagine - no more trips to the post office. Just think of the time you will save.

Disk Catalog Software for Managing Files Efficiently
Catalog Max is a tool designed to help you create catalogs and reports for your floppy disks, hard drives, optical disks, CD-ROMs, or just a single folder.

Proactively Interact with Your Website Visitors
SightMax is a live chat and real-time live monitoring software package that allows online businesses to proactively interact with website visitors.

Are you thrilled with your hosting provider's support?
Other companies say support is a priority. Rackspace shows it. They are committed to providing the customer with amazing managed hosting services backed by a policy they call Fanatical Support™. 80% of Rackspace's resources go directly to Fanatical Support™.

Business Blogs Are Catching On
Business blogs are catching on with more and more businesses. Traditional websites are beginning to add a blog component to their content. The reason for the boom in business blogging is simple.

Looking Up Vertical Search Lines
Vertical search refers to search engines designed to return results from very narrow or specific information or business sectors. Search tools that focus on a tight regime of information have existed for years.

Bottom Up Vs. Top Down Corporate Blogging
As business blogging becomes more widespread, two main approaches have emerged. There are bottom up bloggers and top-down bloggers and then there are a scant few companies who are in between. Each approach is vastly different.

In Defense Of Thought Leadership
Many people and company's do use the term, "thought leader," in a contrived and meaningless manner. That being said, I completely disagree with the definition of thought leadership as presented by Cook and Murray.

An Open Conversation With Robert Scoble, Microsoft Geek Blogger
In a 38-minute conversation, we discussed a wide range of topics, including evangelism, anti-marketing, blogging, RSS and reading feeds, email mailing lists, relationships with colleagues, internal blogs at Microsoft, The Red Couch book project, a blogging ombudsman, and advice for communicators.

How To Track Online Marketing ROI Using Cost-per-Action
As the online advertising market is poised to grow nearly $10 billion over the next six years, it's essential that we remember the importance of measuring the effectiveness of that spending.

Pay Per Click Advertising Can Be Very Risky Business
Click fraud is an unfortunate byproduct of the pay per click advertising business. Many people with an online business spend large amounts of money on pay per click advertising only to discover that many of the people clicking on their ads weren't really interested in their products or services.

Price Your Products Differently In Different Markets
Last April, the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, and the US-based Global Health Council held a 3-days workshop about "Pricing and Financing of Essential Drugs" in poor countries.

Understanding Web Logs And Why It Matters
General web statistics give pertinent information about website visitors. Webmasters analyzing these statistics have a better understanding of who their website visitors are and how they perceive the website.

Reactions To The Pew Study On Search Engine Users
I'm seeing some amusing reactions to the just released Pew study on Search Engine Users. Disclaimer ...

The 5 Biggest Blunders In Business Development
Effective communication skills are essential to successful business development. Yet they're often under-emphasized and sometimes completely ignored.

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