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Newsletter Archive: 2004
7 Ways To Get Measurable ROI From Your Website
The Web has begun to mature. As this happens, managers are realizing that running a quality website is a very expensive business. Here are 7 ways to assure a return on your web site investment and make marketing online a profitable venture for your company. These steps to successful internet marketing may seem overwhelming on first glance.

Own Your Niche By Building A Niche Community
In 1997, David Steele was making the transition from a professional therapist to relationship coach. Part of his strategy was to become a center of influence and THE Relationship Coach for his community.

Business Blogging - 5 Tips To Help You Break Through Writer’s Block
It's inevitable. Everyone hits the wall. Whether you've been blogging ten weeks, ten minutes, or ten months, eventually you'll find yourself with absolutely nothing to say.

Add an Industrial-Strength Custom Search Engine to Your Website
Search engine positioning tool and content injection technology. SEO Doctor allows webmaster to inject content for the search engines and change that content for each engine for top search engine positioning.

Use Collaborative Approach - And Get Leveraged Earnings
By helping others to grow their business you ensure growth of your own business. I have seen this theory work even while dealing with competitors. This confirms one of the golden rules - you get what you give to others.

Using The Power Of Content Management Systems
Search Engine Optimization revolves around providing useful, unique content on your website and making sure that search engines can find and understand it easily.

Can Toll Free 800 Number Domains Pay Off?
Well apparently not. Their website shows the actual numbers, 1-800-438-7424 for the marketing department of Resorts Atlantic City. Those NUMBERS are nowhere near as memorable as is the mnemonic device of letters representing those numbers on the telephone keypad. It makes you wonder, did the casino have bad luck (no pun intended) or receive bad publicity for their 800-Get-Rich phone number?

Wanna Be A Big Fish?
Big Fish Nation is an entrepreneurial  program that offers a structured approach to success and combines:  Business Development Teleclasses, One-on-one Professional Coaching  & National Media exposure for you, the Big Fish!

Why Paid Inclusion Is Better Than PPC Advertising
This is the problem with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, especially with smaller named search engines. Many websites request or even pay there visitors to search a specific search engine and click on a result. This just sends advertisers fake leads and causes problems for the advertisers that paid for the keyword listing. Many PPC search engines offer webmasters up to 80% of the bid price. For example, let's say I pay 'Example Search Engine' $1 for the keyword Viagra, they then pay webmasters $.80 per visitor they send that searches and clicks on a bided search term. You can see why PPC can be a problem.

Brand Building 201: Finding The Ideal Way
The strongest and longest lasting brands branch off of an existing category. Branching takes patience and time. There are two speeds for launching a brand, each one with its own pros and cons.

3 Deadly Search Engine Marketing Sins
My inbox this week provided glaring examples of three all too common rookie search engine marketing mistakes. What you could call three deadly search engine marketing sins.

Manage Link Partners In Easy-To-Use Workspace
SEO Studio is a complete suite of link popularity building, search engine optimization, and promotion software tools. Discover how your competitors achieve high search engine rankings by automatically finding their inbound link partners on all of the major search engines: Google, MSN, AOL.

Cascading Style Sheet Editor
Style Master is a cascading style sheet editor combining WYSIWYG editors with hand coding tools. With Style Master and CSS developers can efficiently and painlessly create compelling, faster downloading, standards compliant pages, with improved accessibility.

About Us—Use This Section Of Your Website To Boost Your Sales!
Many websites have an "About Us" page. However, when you click on the "about us" button and reach some of these pages, often you do not learn much about who is behind the website. This is a pity, for you, but it is also a loss for the person who owns the website, for she has missed a chance to convince you why you should do business with her.

Visual Integration Design Environment
Visual Integration Studio is a visual integration design environment for extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data from any data source  to any data source using a simple drag and drop, property based interface. Plus, you can code any type of data transformation logic in standard Visual Basic .NET!

.com Not Listed In Regional Yahoo? Don't Despair!
If you're a non-American business with a .com web address, and your regional Yahoo ranking is important to you, then my story might interest you.

Google To Develop Mobile Phone Format
Although mobile users have the capability to employ Google search, the Mountain Valley company is preparing technology that will be easier to use with mobile phone. Google's aim is to make search and subsequent results easier to view and use on cell phone monitors.

Senate Approves Bill Concerning Gmail Policies
A bill authored by Senator Liz Figueroa (D-Ca) that limits Gmail's ad placement procedures has been approved by the Senate by a vote of 24-8. The bill questioned Google's intention of placing contextual ads within incoming and outgoing emails.

Hewlett-Packard Customers Showing "Brand Love"
Allison Johnson is the Senior Vice President, Global Brand and Communications for Hewlett-Packard and she delivered a keynote address this morning on "The Changing Role of Interactive in Global Marketing."
IProspect Releases Search User Attitudes Survey Findings
A survey conducted by iProspect has found that search engine click-through behavior can be predicted by gender, education and other factors. Meaning that by knowing the characteristics of your target audience you can improve and impact an online marketing campaign.

Intelliseek Launches BlogPulse.com
Joining Technorati and Daypop, Intelliseek has launched BlogPulse.com, a search engine designed to seek out blogs. Intelliseek's offering is designed to help users search the heavily populated blog world.

Search Engine Users Find Natural Search Results Most Relevant
A survey conducted by iProspect found that more than 60 percent of Yahoo users and over 72 percent of Google users clicked on a natural search results when looking for the most relevant listing for their query. Natural search results are non-advertisement listings that are returned when a keyword is queried.

WebProBusiness - Software Edition
Bankoi Web HelpDesk, 98-ME Smoker - Tweaking Utility, 4Musics WAV to WMA Converter, TiffSplitter - Image Tool.

Yahoo Improves Image Search
Thanks to an email from a Yahoo representative to WebProNews editor Garrett French, we have learned that Yahoo has upgraded their image search.

Google Responds To Jew Watch Controversy
Prominent search engine Google has been embroiled in a controversy surrounding search results for the keyword "Jew." As reported in WPN, the search of the word "Jew" yielded a results page with JewWatch.com as the number one listing.

Don't Lose Foreign Web Site Visitors With Brain-Dead Translation Services
For some internet marketers it's become a cutting edge strategy to offer multi lingual navigation and promo material on their sites in the hope of expanding their client base. While it is true that international users whose mother tongue is anything but English are beginning to hit the web in hefty numbers, catering to them in their own linguistic format is an art in itself which doesn't lend itself to the cheap and easy "no brainer" pseudo solutions currently being hawked on the net. If you offer them one of those, chances are you'll fend them off forever. Count it as a well-meaning blunder as much as you will, fact is these clients-to-be can be quite relentless if you convey the impression that you couldn't care less about offering first class services. Don't forget that very many people actually love their mother tongue and don't enjoy seeing it massacred.

If Your Website Isn't Your Best Sales Representative, Fire It And Get A Better One.
To many of your potential customers, your website will provide the most concrete representation they have of your company. Very few will come to your front door. Others may see one of your ads in the Yellow Pages or may have heard from a colleague that your company may be a suitable supplier. Following this, they may call your switchboard, and from that may get some impression of your company.

The secrets to a successful ecommerce business
Don't know anything about making money on the Internet? Want to start your own business without leaving your current job? We can help! Simply create your new account.

A Few Good Clients
Many of the business owners I speak with are looking for a relatively small number of new clients. It isn't that they're not ambitious, it's just the size of their businesses doesn't warrant a larger objective. Typically they own service-based businesses with an annual turnover counted in the millions of dollars, not hundreds of millions.

Differentiating Yourself From The Competition
It’s getting harder and harder to differentiate yourself from the competition these days. Especially when your competition is global, offer additional value through their stellar service, and look and sound similarly wonderful to your offering. Not to mention that the new buzz words - ‘adding value’ and ‘trusted advisor’ – are universal, making it even harder to distinguish what you bring to the party as being superior.

Ending the Google Confusion
Search Engine Watch editor Danny Sullivan's Keynote speech yesterday was entitled "Search Wars."

The Death Star in the Search Wars was none other than the reigning search champion Google, with the Rebel Forces of Yahoo and other engines now entering the scene.

Why Google Is Such A Great Brand
Google has clarity and focus. Google knows that great brands serve a purpose. They are useful. Google genuinely believes in the motto: the searcher is king. It demonstrates that you can put the customer first and make a profit. Google keeps it simple and wins.

What do you think of the following heading?

The Four Seasons Of Publicity - Building An All-Year Publicity Machine
If you're like most publicity seekers, you probably think one project at a time. You've got a new product coming out in April, so you send out a release in March. You've hired a new executive, you'll put out a release when she's on board, etc.

Assessing The People Factor: Do We Really Know What's Going On In Our Companies?
Boards and ‘C’ level executives are accountable for policies, people, and practices within their organizations. But how can they take responsibility for people, systems, and initiatives that are managed by people several reporting levels down – who may not, themselves, know what’s going on?

Usability Myths Need Reality Checks
Not so very long ago, it was agreed that five to eight users was enough for a good usability test. Somehow, this idea achieved mythic status. We believed it. We preached it to everyone who would listen. It survived in areas where it had been disproved, and was introduced into new situations where it didn't even apply.

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