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ParlAI Expected To Revolutionize Conversational AI Systems Across Different Platforms

Facebook has rolled out ParlAI (pärˌlē), which is expected to revolutionize conversational AI systems across different platforms.

Yann LeCun, Facebook Artificial Intelligence Researchers (FAIR) head, explained, "Ultimately one of the objectives of this is to have your own digital friend, your virtual assistant that is basically customized for you and under your control."

For ParlAI, the FAIR team worked closely with the people who developed Facebook M, the social media company's smart assistant for its messaging service. The aim is to make chatbots more responsive, articulate, and eventually, more efficient.

Researchers will also be able to customize ParlAI to be used in different technologies as the source code will soon be released by Facebook.

The system itself boasts of 20 built-in languages. Once perfected, there won't be any questions out there that won't be answered by the chatbots. Initially, examples of Q&A from Microsoft, Stanford, and Facebook are incorporated in the data sets.

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