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The Myths and Truths About The Way Google Hires

"Today we are going to talk about two things," said Sean McGaughran, Engineering and Technology Recruiter at Google. "One, we are going to talk about some common Google myths and busts them and two, we are going to talk about how Google actually hires."

Busting Google Hiring Myths

"Let's get right into some myth busting," says Rachel Bonds, Business Recruiter and Talent Guru. "The first myth is about only hiring people from Ivey League institutions. That's not true. We hire people from all sorts of backgrounds, colleges and even people who haven't attended college. We are really looking to hire a diverse set of candidates from all sorts of experiences and your GPA is only taken into consideration if you graduated recently from school."

"The second big myth we hear a lot is about brain teasers," she said. "We won't be asking you crazy questions about how many golf balls fit into the Empire State Building. We really spend that time getting to know you and we try to limit it to about four interviews during the course of your process, not a multitude of conversations. So it's not impossible to get hired at Google!"

"The first step in getting hired is really to get us your application," notes Shadan Deleveaux, also a Business Recruiter at Google. "Our career site has some great tips on putting together a powerful and compelling resume. For example, your resume should be concise, generally less than two pages. Also, you really want to make sure that it has no errors or mistakes. Read it top to bottom, bottom to top. Have a friend take a look at it for you. Pay extra special attention to it. Finally, you want to make sure that your bullet points on your resume convey impact. Don't just list the things you did at your current job, but really how you impacted that role. It's one of the things that we care about a lot here at Google."

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