Mobile to Drive Internet Business

August 3, 2016

We Are Social's Digital in 2016 report illustrates how both mobile and social media will will be key drivers of ecommerce going forward.

"Smartphone penetration is reaching new heights around the globe, and we are fast approaching the point where being an internet user means being a smartphone user," commented Felim McGrath, who is the Trends Manager at GlobalWebIndex, in a blog post presenting the report. "This means that mobiles have the potential to become essential online commerce devices."

McGrath backed up his comment with examples of how in Asia people are just as likely to shop online with their smartphones as they are a desktop computer. "Last month, close to half of South Koreans used their mobile to shop online," he said. "And in China, mobile commerce has become the norm, with consumers now almost as likely to complete a purchase online via their mobile as via a laptop/PC."

McGrath says that even though most consumers in Europe and North America are not mobile shoppers at these levels yet, it's only a matter of time before they are.

The Ovis Report thinks that the trend toward more powerful smartphones with larger screens will help drive ecommerce and that retailers are optimizine the shopping experience for mobile. "Together, these developments are turning the smartphone into a platform that can support the whole shopping journey, from product search and discovery, to comparisons, recommendations, and payments," says the report.

The report notes that Android will continue to dominate iOS and that competition for payment systems won't just be between Apple and Android, but will include multiple payments sytems on the the Android platform.
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