Nissan UK Using Google Mobile Ads To Drive Showroom Traffic

June 8, 2016

Marc Palmer, Marketing Communications Manager of Nissan UK, recently spoke in an Adwords promotional video for Google on the effectiveness of using Google Adwords for Nissan. "When you get your first car, suddenly, there's that little bubble that you live in, where you can do whatever you like," Palmer said. "I got this little old car: the top half was brown and the bottom half was gold! But what it meant was you could then start to just do things on your own. So there's a sense of freedom."

"Buying a new car is one of the more important decisions," Palmer stated. "There's this whole piece of discovery. At the start of their car-buying journey, they go to search. People turn up to the dealership pretty much in mind the car they want to buy."

Puneet Vaghela, Search Account Director of Manning Gottlieb OMD, commented, "What AdWords is enabling us to do is fight the fight in the right place. We're able to map buyer journeys." "And that's when the dealer has the ability to really make it brilliant," said Palmer. "Now we're able to find out that somebody searched for us and then they went and bought a car. That's kind of getting close to the Holy Grail."

"We know that people have a lot more confidence now in online research, but the main reason they still are going to dealers is for that personal aspect," commented Vaghela. "It's all about finding people and reaching them in their moments of intent."

Vaghela added, "On mobile, we've seen 6.04% conversion rate store visits from search clicks and an estimated ROI of 25 pounds. When we actually go into AdWords, we can go all the way down to keyword level, which kind of keywords are actually driving people into dealerships from our search activity."

"Customers do so much before they come to the dealership," according to Rachael Gregory, Retail Marketing Manager of Nissan UK. "It's really important that once they get here, we give them exactly what they need."

"For the first time, really, this has given us a tangible connection between online and offline," stated Vaghela.

Check out the Nissan UK video promo they did for Google Adwords (Watch Video)
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