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Are RFPs Bad for Your Business?
[2008-06-18] I just got another RFP (request for proposal). You think I'd be happy. Another opportunity for business. Another opportunity to sharpen my writing skills.

Is Renaming Your Business Worth Better Search Traffic?
[2008-06-05] Mike Blumenthal has a great article this week, going over some aspects surrounding how businesses may opt to rename themselves for purposes of local search engine optimization within Google Maps.

Is Your Website Designed to Be Easy to Use
[2008-05-28] Does Your website have a squeezy top? Is it designed and laid out with the ruthless goal of facilitating conversions, or is it series of compromises that barely accomplishes it's true goal.

Variety of Press Releases for Different Purposes
[2008-05-14] Thank you to Erick Schonfeld and Michael Arrington for giving me the opportunity share my vision, and experience, on the evolution of the press release on TechCrunch.

Choosing The Right Web Address For Your Business
[2008-04-30] Choosing the right Web address can be a daunting task for many business owners. Consequently, many companies often rush this process and end up selecting the wrong domain name.

Measure Your Mini-Conversions
[2008-04-07] If you don't read the Occam's Razor blog by Avinash Kaushik, you don't know what you're missing.

Do You Know Your Customers?
[2008-03-26] Do you know who your customers are? Do you know why they chose you? Do you know what they like? What they want? Where they spend their time? If you don't, you should find out. Understanding who is your customer is perhaps the most important part of developing and marketing a business.

SES: B2B Tactics
[2008-03-20] The session started with Patricia Hursh from SmartSearch Marketing outlined 8 tips for successful PPC advertising:

Stages of Business Ownership
[2008-03-06] Talking to a number of budding entrepreneur's at last evening's Singapore Facebook Developers Garage and hearing about their growing pains served as an impetus to get this post out.

Impressions And Brand
[2008-02-14] You never get a second chance at a first impression. I've never cared for that quote. The implication is that you get one and only one chance at success and that's hardly true.

Forces That Might be Lowering AdSense Earnings
[2008-02-05] WebmasterWorld has another thread about lowering AdSense prices.

Understanding Your Brand from an SEO Perspective
[2008-01-24] I always recommend that folks optimizing their web sites take great care to not confuse the name of their company with what the searchers are actually trying to find, which is frequently the brand.

Networking and the Spectrum of Blogging Influence
[2008-01-07] Two posts on the subject of networking with other bloggers caught my attention over the weekend.

How I cheat my way to success
[2007-12-26] I like to think this web site is moderately popular. Maybe a little quirky, a bit unfocused, perhaps a little too geeky for some and far too un-geekish for the real geeks, but fun and informative for the few who read it regularly (estimated at less than 1,000 right now, by the way).

Using Social Media to Improve Your Business
[2007-12-19] [[This article was written for The Association for Women in Communications, Denver Chapter newsletter...]]

Are You Optimizing for Profit with Your Internet Marketing Campaign?
[2007-12-10] I do a lot of writing and speaking, but the best parts of those activities are the people I meet. People who engage with me to teach me something.

A Different Approach to Good Reporting in Web Analytics
[2007-12-03] I've written before that Management Reporting is one of the most difficult tasks in all of web analytics. It's an area where - as a company - we've struggled mightily.

Use Your Own Data Before You Start a New PPC Campaign
[2007-11-28] One of the most critical parts of setting up and managing a PPC campaign is of course keyword research.

Customers Want More Detailed Product Descriptions
[2007-11-27] Want people to come to your site a little longer this holiday season? Then give customers adequate information about your products.

Items Everyone Needs In Their Shopping Cart
[2007-09-20] Customers who, by all means, appear to be ready to make a purchase are often found abandoning their shopping carts before they complete their online transaction.

Demystifying Conversion Rates
[2007-08-09] Conversion rate optimization has grown to buzz word status within the online marketing industry. Some of the original "conversion marketing" firms like Future Now, Inc. has spent significant time over the past ten years educating the market about the importance of improving conversion rates.

Hidden Factors in a Web Site's Value
[2007-08-02] Where is the true value in a web site? It's a question that you will think about deeply if you are ever involved in the purchase or sale of a web site.

Understand SEO Picing & Get a Good SEO Company
[2007-07-24] On the Web, technology is developing so fast that even the majority of the self-proclaimed specialists know less than 70% of the stuff (how's that for just coined statistics) and have little practice and confidence with the latest developments of the industry.

Social Network Advertising
[2007-07-17] Since the emergence of online networking back when was created (1995) there have been a growing number of people rushing to join social networks.

You Do Not Need Money To Build A Brand
[2007-06-29] "A brand is the sum of all feelings, thoughts and recognitions - positive and negative - that people in the target audience have about a company, a product or service."